Haight Street Art Center - Silly Pink Bunny
HSAC - Vote No Evil
Flatstock 56 - Reaper of Hearts
HSAC - Whats the Buzz?
Wave - Flatstock 53
Acid Test 50th Anniversary Blotter
Flatstock 51 - Fruits of Labor
HSAC - Butterfly
HSAC - Hellecaster
HSAC - Moth
Flatstock 48 - Asked My Baby for a Nickel
Flatstock 48 - Bayou
Beatles Museum Print
Bicycle Print 2011 for Austin, TX event... click on image for print details
Bloom - Flatstock 38
Donut Love - Love of Portland Show
Dry Spell- a silkscreen art print of sun, dead tree and animal carcas printed at south by southwest in austin texas by squeegeville 2012 flatstock 33
Led Zeppelin 40th Anniversary Commemorative Poster
Man As Caretaker
Night Comes In
Flatstock 46 - The Ox is Slow
Passing Side / Suicide
Quiet Dogs of War
Sand Creek Village
Skull, Sun, Whale
Steals the Sun
St. Johns Bridge
Squall - Flatstock 36
Texas Rooster
Thank You Pete - Flatstock 43 - Tribute to Pete Seeger
This Man Has No Scruples
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