These are original ink drawings. First I do a refined pencil sketch, then overlay that on a light table with a piece of Herculean, a frosted plastic that architects use. The sketch is then redrawn on the Hurculean. This way, no pencil marks show up on the final illustration.

These are one-of-a-kind, and an opportunity to own an original piece of hand drawn artwork. Thanks in advance for your interest in these unique offerings. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact gary@voodoocatbox.com

Acid Test Golden Anniversary
David Bromberg
Doobie Decibel System
LouFest 2015
Northwest String Summit 2015
Waterfront Blues Festival 2015 - Crossroads
Salmon Headwaters Cleanup
Moonalice - Oregon Country Fair
Moonalice - Whale
Moonalice - 420
Froggy Bottom
The Urge
Sound Into Sight
Art Carts
Taj Mahal / John Hiatt
Moonalice 420 Idol
Donut Love - For the Love of Portland Show
SXSW Create
Crystal Ballroom Centennial
Al Stewart - UK Tour
Moonalice skeleton
GD Archives - Songs Of Our Own
WBF - Fruit Basket
Little Feat
GD Archive
WBF - Flaming Guitar
Rodrigo y Gabriella
WBF - Guitar Constellation
Jackie Greene - NYE
Gov't Mule - NYE
Crazy 8
Love Hurts, LA Show
Kathleen Edwards 2
Kathleen Edwards
Hot Tuna
WBF - Eagle with Roses
Bite of Oregon
Seva Benefit
NW Music Logo
Furthur 2
Art Print
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