Posters • FAQ-s

Thanks for visiting our digital poster Shop stocked with select items to choose from a large catalog of almost one thousand concert posters, one hundred original ink drawings and five hundred original scratchboard art pieces.

Items that are listed as Sold Out might be available by email inquiry. Each piece holds special meaning, please do not hesitate to inquire, Gary is happy to answer any questions you might have about any art piece listed.

Gig Posters range in musical styles from Alternative to Country. Each poster commemorates a show, special event, or tour for musicians, comedians, food & beverage gatherings, to celebrate an artist(s), record release or gallery show, celebrations of life, community or ideas.

Our posters are typically silkscreen screen print editions, pulled by Gary at his Studio Voodoo Catbox in St. John's. Regular, Screenprint posters are usually of limited edition; numbered, signed and usually embossed (unless the paper stock is not compatible.) A/P stands for Artists' Edition.

Some posters are screen printed on Holographic Foil paper design variations or Blotter rag- paper in very limited editions, signed and numbered. Other, digital editions listed as 'Offset Prints' are unnumbered, and if sold through us, signed by Gary. Only screen print posters are embossed and at the Artists' discretion.
Please be sure you read and understand our policies prior to making a purchase. Contact Us with questions >>