Screenprint Services

Send Inquiries to gary @ or call 503-248-0510

˚ OPEN for Custom Silkscreen Prints ˚ 

If you are looking for a professional printer to produce your art onto paper then Master Printer, Gary is your guy. Prints average from 2 to 5 colors, but if you have complex art, additional separations might be required.

Things we print/ draw: Wedding Invitations, Graduation or Commemoration prints, Anniversary & Milestones, your Art... 

Because Gary is skilled in his trade, you can expect quick turn around within a few weeks. While we do have paper stock in studio, Gary can guide you with samples to select or *order the perfect paper for your project. *extra fees may apply

We recommend contacting us at least 90 days in advance of deadline. Art separations are an important piece of the set- up. Gary will separate your files for you, if you cannot, for a small fee. Please reach out for a customized estimate.