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In Dark Times, I Sing of Trees

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Portraits of Portland Music •  April 22, 2020

Vortex Magazine article by Olivia AwbreyFull Article:

Excerpt from article: "As scratchboard artist and poster designer Gary Houston notes, “Those of us who work in the field we do—entertainment, or on the periphery of it—are becoming aware that we are involved in a disposable area of life. I don’t mean that the arts aren’t important, because they are, but when toilet paper is a top priority, creativity seems to have taken a back seat.”

Working under the moniker Voodoo Catbox, Houston is the guy who creates annual screen-printed posters for Oregon Music Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and artwork for the Waterfront Blues Festival. He was finalizing designs for this year’s Fourth of July fest when it was officially called off on March 24, instead turning his attention toward documenting the timely marquee of the Aladdin Theater and hopefully creating a piece of merch that the venue can sell to help sustain itself during these trying times.

Read more about Voodoo Catbox on Vortex Digital Magazine: